By reaching the third part of our article it is not surprising that the home of the product placement are the TV series. The advertisers can force their products, services, brands for the millions of audience members every week or even daily, without spending tons of money for expensive and every-disturbing ads.

cinzanoThere’s been some blatant product placement in daytime TV shows as well, with game shows like “The Price is Right” relying on it heavily. Interestingly enough, the U.K. version of “The Price is Right” doesn’t include any name brands at all product placement is taboo there. Contestants have to guess the prices of things like “this box of washing powder” or “a carton of orange juice” instead.

Soap operas are weaving products into their plot lines, too, and they’re not subtle. Top-rated shows like “Mad Men” are doing the same, but in a much smarter way. And video games are getting in on the act.
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