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What is Screenist

Screenist can identify and match scenes in media content with products in that exact scene.

The Screenist algorithm and database are programmed into the blockchain.
It uses smart contracts to make sure that any user from the biggest brands to a private person can benefit from it in a so far unprecedentedly efficient way.

And yes, we mean on ANY SCREEN.

Screenist is

An application for viewers to shop from any screen

Learn more about products you see on video with just a tap of a button and order them online, right away and there.

A direct sales channel for retailers and brand owners

Turn product placement in media from branding into your sexy new direct sales channel for impulse shoppers

A business tool for content creators and owners

Place any product, service or even a location in your video and start to easily earn money on them.

A database that knows all the details

Get first-hand information about what happens and what sells on screen. All the data you want, statistics on product performance and buyers' behavior are available at just a push of a button.

Why Screenist

The problem

  • People hate ads.
    Consumers are exposed to over 5,000 ads per day making them experts at tunnel vision.
  • Product placement could do much more.
    Without a quick and easy way to purchase what you see in videos businesses are basically giving away their money. It is not a tool for business if it cannot drive purchase action.
  • Product placement today is very expensive.
    There is no efficient market. Long negotiations, legal procedures, high costs are making it a game for big brands only.
  • No one knows today what really works.
    “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half” - John Wanamaker. It is especially true for product placement

The solution

  • Screenist doesn’t bother with ads.
    It is an organic part of the user’s enjoyment. It takes the power back from those annoying unwanted ads and hands it right to the content user.
  • Screenist links media and e-commerce.
    It is capable to identify media content and offer related products anytime, anywhere, on any device, without needing any additional information or any other data.
  • Screenist keeps costs low.
    It opens the market by allowing virtually everyone with products or content to participate in the product placement business.
  • Screenist tells you what works and what does not.
    By getting accurate monetization data on offered products, it can provide relevant information just about anything that appears on screen.

All devices supported

Screenist is a completely new approach of how people can buy and sell using media content.

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