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What is Screenist?

Screenist is a revolutionary platform that enables you to purchase or order products and services appearing on any screen showing a movie, music video, video clip, streaming or just about any video content you can imagine. Screenist achieves this without stopping or distracting you from enjoying your video content. The Screenist backend system provides access, via the API, to the VOD platform for a list of products and services that can be found and purchased in the content being consumed. When you click on the product and the information interface that appears, Screenist redirects you to the relevant destination (webshop, marketing page, etc). The system automatically generates clear statistical data from the activity of viewers and buyers. This is the essence of Screenist.


Screenist Crypto

Screenist is powered by a unique Blockchain algorithm and a database, using smart contracts linking media and e-commerce. 


Our people convert problems into ideas in a climate based on trust that encourages inquiry and welcomes problems.

Our team combines passion, creativity and vision with discipline. 

Tibor Jakab


A private enterpreneur for 25+ years, assertively striving for solution delivery mainly in volatile, fast-growing and quick-changing business environments such as online entertainment and mobile technology industries. Provider of a series of innovative solutions to classic multinational corporations such as Allianz, Citigroup, Erste Bank, Etihad, Groupama and T-Systems while also a driver of projects run by state authorities. 

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