What is Screenist?

Videó lejátszása

Screenist Solutions is a company that’s advancing the world of advertising by bringing together technology, video content, and precise consumer understanding. Simply put, imagine watching a video, and in that video, you see a product that catches your attention. With Screenist, you would be able to interact with that product directly from the video itself, making it easier for you to know more about it or even buy it. It is not just for purchasing products or save for a wishlist, advertisers can run real time pooling or votings directly on the screen where their content is running. 



Screenist uses its own technology called “Infolayer,” which is designed to be integrated into video players, turning any video content into an interactive shopping experience without disturbing viewing experience. It’s like when you’re watching a movie and you see a dress you like, with Screenist’s Infolayer, you can click on the Advertising Tile on the side of the screen, get information about it, and even be directed to where you can purchase it or buy from the screen or simply just save it for later.

In comparison, Screenist’s business model is somewhat like that of Meta or Google, where ads are placed in content relevant to the user. But the unique thing about Screenist is that it allows ads to be placed on video content itself, turning passive watching into an engaging experience. This allows businesses to target audiences more accurately, increasing the chance that their ads will be seen by people who are interested in their products

With Screenist’s technology, not only do businesses have a chance to connect more directly with potential customers, but it also enhances the user experience by providing a more personalized and interactive experience. All in all, Screenist is using technology to revolutionize the way we interact with ads and content, making it a more intuitive and less intrusive experience.


Our people convert problems into ideas in a climate based on trust that encourages inquiry and welcomes problems.

Our team combines passion, creativity and vision with discipline. 

Tibor Jakab


A private enterpreneur for 25+ years, assertively striving for solution delivery mainly in volatile, fast-growing and quick-changing business environments such as online entertainment and mobile technology industries. Provider of a series of innovative solutions to classic multinational corporations such as Allianz, Citigroup, Erste Bank, Etihad, Groupama and T-Systems while also a driver of projects run by state authorities.