Beyond the hugely successful promotional campaign for the Fishing & Hunting QR code, Screenist is ready to appear in the portfolio of more and more clients with their solutions to make advertising even more efficient. Meanwhile, the collaboration with Fishing & Hunting is also reaching new dimensions, with Screenist’s new technology activating even the passive viewers of commercials. What is more, Screenist’s core technology, a new level of product placement will soon be available to anyone. 

More and more content providers get to monetize their screen with new solutions. Cooperation with Tematic Media Group, present in seven countries, goes on: the first step of this was the launch of a QR code promotion campaign on Fishing & Hunting, during which viewers could win valuable prizes by scanning the QR code displayed in the promotional spots.

The project exceeded all expectations, in a few weeks more than …. people clicked on the QR code displayed on the screen, and more importantly, the campaign produced a 40% secondary conversion, meaning that almost half of the QR code readers registered for the game, which is quite an amazing result. In the second step, the Screenist QR code was placed on running ads, which actually is an extended application of the code so that the channel can make passive viewers active, and gets to monetize all ads right in front of the screen.

The campaign is still running, but as early as the first week, QR codes running on Fishing & Hunting ads generated thousands of reads and clicks, which obviously means thousands of “new customers” that neither the advertiser nor the content provider was aware of before. Given the success described above, it’s no surprise that Screenist wants to share this activity-enhancing QR code with other customers, too. The technology developed by the company is able to place these creatively designed QR codes on the screen dynamically,  connected to the television’s player system, so that Screenist’s content provider clients in the future get to make sitting in front of the TV more exciting with interactive commercials. Actually,  several sales houses are currently in the process of negotiations to make this Screenist’s development an important part of media planning in 2021. It is also a goal to start working with as many content providers as possible, choosing those who are open to new solutions and future-proof technologies, of course.

Media technology never seen before, making product placement accessible to anyone. Screenist is of course so much more than what QR-codes have to offer, and seems like time has come to introduce their core technology, too. Developing the Fishing & Hunting Streaming site with the Screenist Info-layer has come to its final phase, meaning that quality, high-end product placement is not just for giant companies anymore.  

The essence of the Screenist feature, which appears in the layer, is that any product appearing on the screen can be purchased immediately, without distracting the viewer with advertising while watching a movie or consuming any other media content. This opens up new doors to advertisers: data filtered from big data shows where conversion is best, and video ads bidding based on a blockchain-based billing system directs the customer to the webshop that offers the most for the given product placement. Besides F & H, the goal is to make  Screenist’s world-unique core technology available on multiple streaming and VOD platforms. A large company, involved in similar developments, has already seen Screenist’s info layer, and is about to start working with it in the near future, offering it as a service on its platform to a wide range of new customers.