Even the most progressive fields opening up for Screenist. Jason King about the future of blockchain-based software.

If you need a proof that blockchain-based Screenist is a perfect fit for a giant, ever-changing market, just take a look at one of the world’s largest and most exclusive gatherings Ritossa, where even the most conservative investors are opening up for the new possibilities of the technology, and with that, the application as well.

The Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai (2-4th March this year) is a huge event with an attendance of family office wealth and representatives of over 4 trillion dollar in wealth. Jason King Co-Creator of Flashcoin and managing partner at CGS Group was there to represent Screenist, so we asked his opinion about the latest trends within the field, and the potentials of Screenist in the market.

“Family offices are still very conservative when it comes to crypto, yet an exciting vibe is to be seen among the participants in the new emerging asset class. Especially the newer, 2nd generation family offices are striving to explore these new opportunities, but more traditional ones are beginning to open up, too. Just think about it for a second: the main focus of the event was the next generation of finance, how the future of the capital investments are looking, and still… even in this very traditional, conservative environment a huge overwhelming proportion of blockchain and crypto topic was definitely the subject”, Jason (who himself is a serial cryptocurrency and blockchain technology investor) says.

The summit is mainly a networking event with a number of hot panel discussions and presentations, and it’s great news for blockchain enthusiasts that Bitcoin Titan and VC giant Tim Draper also attended the event, and gave great talks and a presentation with an overwhelming interest. “Well, it’s a big thing if he comes to such a conservative event. He is very passionate about bitcoin, targeting next generation shopping”, King concludes.

“It’s a 100 billion dollar industry, and Screenist is perfectly positioned to capture the oncoming demand. At Ritossa, I met family offices investing in very traditional, conservative areas, some of them in 80 different industries, with an incredibly diverse portfolio. They are perfectly aware of the changes in the retail world: giants like Victoria’s Secret are shutting down their physical stores, a great number of brands are reducing physical footprint and are looking for other resources. Everybody knows that people hate ads, no wonder there is a huge interest in cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and big data, with blockchain offering very valuable data to give insights to vendors. Screenist is a good position and good fit for a large existing ecosystem of shopping, mainly attractive to investors looking to dominate and influence a large market scope”.

Family offices have an entirely different risk-taking appetite than what we are used to elsewhere, they need to feel safe about their investment. They are just exploring new opportunities after months of being reluctant to even look at them (due to unfavourable market conditions in the region), and  the scene is only getting better when the industry is proving itself that its worth investing in.

“The point is that Screenist is at the right end of the spectrum, with a huge, ever-growing demand from various fields of businesses. We just need time to address big technological players as well, and wait for international investors from all fields” – said Jason King.