Screenist is about to proceed with a IEO. This means that you get an incredibly attractive offer to be a part of a professional, dynamically growing ecosystem built on current market trends, and with that a chance to make a 20x profit. Let’s figure out how…

A project revolving around current market trends and demands

A key to the success of Screenist is the link to current media-consuming and advertising tendencies. Let’s just take a quick look at what’s currently going on: TV is losing its popularity, people prefer to watch movies, videos, and clips on various digital devices, and more and more users create professional content, as well.

Traditional advertisements are struggling to reach users, most people tend to skip if not straight away block ads disturbing the fun they have. The most efficient form of advertisement these days is obviously product placement: you know, when we get to see what type of sneakers Forrest Gump is wearing while running through the states and begin to long for the same pair of shoes. In the world of Screenist though, not just giants like Nike get to play a part: technically, any market player is welcome to join: even the company selling the dog leash or the one behind the cup the actor is drinking from, and they don’t even need a huge budget for that.

In-app marketing is fast catching up too: many times we are not even reluctant to leave our home to get shopping done, but also refuse to close the app we are using to open another one. Well, Screenist is just about that: instant, safe and transaction-free shopping opportunities linked to the item we’ve just seen onscreen.

According to a recent survey by Statista, e-commerce is 4.5 trillion dollar business on an annual basis, whereas the online advertisement market – with its 10.2 percent growth a year – is a segment involving 129 million dollars just in 2019, according to Mordor Intelligence. If you are looking for an investment with the potential of a huge profit, you should definitely focus on this particular area.

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