We all know that movies use product placements, but some are just completely on the nose and shameless about it that we felt it was time to count down ten of the biggest offenders. Let us know some more noticeable offenders in the comments below 


In Jurassic Park Mercedes Benz raised product placement to a new level  so high that sometimes we don’t even know if it’s a movie or an ad. Pizza Hut chose a bit more subtle way to promote the brand in Teenage Mutant ninjas, while the producers of Demolition Man decided to use irony as Taco Bell would become the only fast-food company in the near future. In Internship Google’s presence is so overwhelming that is almost hurts while their main competitor Microsoft has managed to implement its X Box into The Island so well that is almost seems organic. But on top of our list it’s the Transformers franchise which is pure advertisement at it’s worstif it hurt the audience or not, well, that’s another question.

Source: https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-jennifer-aniston-and-friends-offer-fans-the-chance-to-join-reunion-with-all-in-challenge-11976981?fbclid=IwAR2-X8zmZDVU9lv37_yNvi0wlB6YHX4I-ydxUzL3xLMg0HfxeFVzdxn7NxI


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