That’s why you should get your Screenist-token now that you receive a huge bonus

Screenist is about to proceed with a IEO. This means that you get an incredibly attractive offer to be a part of a professional, dynamically growing ecosystem built on current market trends, and with that a chance to make a 20x profit. Let’s figure out how... 


A key to the success of Screenist is the link to current media-consuming and advertising tendencies. Let’s just take a quick look at what’s currently going on: TV is losing its popularity, people prefer to watch movies, videos, and clips on various digital devices, and more and more users create professional content, as well.

Traditional advertisements are struggling to reach users, most people tend to skip if not straight away block ads disturbing the fun they have. The most efficient form of advertisement these days is obviously product placement: you know, when we get to see what type of sneakers Forrest Gump is wearing while running through the states and begin to long for the same pair of shoes. In the world of Screenist though, not just giants like Nike get to play a part: technically, any market player is welcome to join: even the company selling the dog leash or the one behind the cup the actor is drinking from, and they don’t even need a huge budget for that.

In-app marketing is fast catching up too: many times we are not even reluctant to leave our home to get shopping done, but also refuse to close the app we are using to open another one. Well, Screenist is just about that: instant, safe and transaction-free shopping opportunities linked to the item we’ve just seen onscreen.

According to a recent survey by Statista, e-commerce is 4.5 trillion dollar business on an annual basis, whereas the online advertisement market - with its 10.2 percent growth a year - is a segment involving 129 million dollars just in 2019, according to Mordor Intelligence. If you are looking for an investment with the potential of a huge profit, you should definitely focus on this particular area.


Screenist utilizing blockchain so that everybody get their money


Screenist is utilizing the perfectly transparent, easy to check, safe system of blockchain in order to link taggers (media-freaks watching movies and tagging products seen onscreen), validators (users who check if the given product is linked to a proper tag) and product owners (whose product we are talking about).

Yes, these players are all making their own profit this way, however, it would be impossible to run such a highly complex system - with money from all over the world - within traditional financial constructs. Neither dollar nor euro or any other currency is suitable for microtransactions, as the bank fee is too high to get into these at all.

The token is a kind of cryptomoney and its a main advantage is precisely the fact that it’s easy to work with it, there is no third-party or transaction fee involved, its rates are not affected by politics and the entire world is part of this marketplace. The serious and complex tokenized system is perfectly user-friendly, guaranteeing that everybody get their money, and that money can be exchanged to dollar, euro or any other currency of choice, of course.


That’s why you may even make a 20x profit


When 50 Cent’s new album Animal Ambition came out in 2014, after much pushing from the management, the rapper made it possible to use Bitcoin as a form of payment to download it. In those days, 50 Cent was among the first ones to get 700 Bitcoins, meaning a 460 thousand dollar investment. Four years later the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed, and 50 Cent took out more than 7 million dollars in the end, and he was not the only one to gain such an incredible profit. Those who were raising their eyebrows when hearing about Bitcoin at the time are definitely banging their head in the wall now. Does this sound familiar to you?

No need to mention that a number of startups have tried their luck in the field ever since but 9 out of 10 tend to fail miserably.

“However, there is a highly professional team behind Screenist with incredible experts who are all working on making the IEO successful, step by step. CEO Tibor Jakab has already turned a number of self-funded companies into a huge success, before selling them.” 

It’s not a well-known fact that he even made a decent profit in highly competitive areas and sold his companies to some of the world’s greatest professional investors. Moreover, the name of Jason King’s name is also a guarantee of success.


IEO just around the corner: how much are you going to gain?


Screenist is just about to proceed with an IEO, meaning Initial Exchange Offering. This means that the fundraising will be conducted on a well-known exchange’s fundraising platform, where users can purchase tokens with funds directly from their own exchange wallet, just as if we purchased the token at  NIKKEI, TSE or Nasdaq, meeting all the criteria necessary for stock exchange listing. As a whole, 150 million tokens are going to be issued. (Read our article about the topic here to find out more details.)

What makes IEO a great deal is precisely the fact that you may purchase these limited tokens with an incredible bonus in the very beginning, and the company spends all this money on expansion. If you get your tokens now, you get a 33 percent bonus, meaning that if you buy Screenist-tokens for 100 dollars, you can 133 for that.

And when is it possible to access your money?

Well, right after the stock exchange issue, you may take out the capital (the 100 dollars), but small investors need to wait 6 months to collect the profit, the 33 dollars, whereas those who are investing more than 50 thousand dollars need to be patient for two more years. 


Double-digit growth without risking too much? Yes!!


Obviously, as we are getting closer to the stock market appearance, the bonus is  decreasing: in 2-3 months it would only be 22 percent, then 11… and after a certain point you are not going to get your token for a bonus but because it’s getting more and more valuable as a currency, just like in the case of Bitcoin. This means that with each 100 dollar investment, you may even gain a 20x profit, namely 2 thousand dollars… while you are not even risking too much, considering that you may access the amount of capital as soon as six months after the stock exchange issue.

This may sound a bit carried away, but just read the beginning of this post again and consider that the main catalyst behind the Screenist-ecosystem is the rapidly growing e-commerce and online advertisement business, thus two-digit growth on this market on an annual basis is considered perfectly normal.

Do not fail to remember: there are only 150 million Screenist-tokens in the world, so you should definitely invest now in order to get the best possible deal and multiply your money within a truly 21st century community ecosystem.

You know what you should do next?

Stay tuned!

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Why is the success of Screenist’s IEO guaranteed?

Screenist is about to proceed with an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) later this year. What exactly are we talking about, and what guarantees that this move would be successful?

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IEO, and what it really means

The essence of the IEO is basically issuing the tokens prior to the stock exchange listing, when you can lay hands on this unique currency - that you can only use within an inner circle, but soon get to convert it to traditional currencies - for a really awesome price. It’s no secret that startups typically issue tokens so that they can fund their own operation, so you can get them for a really good price.

The key to the IEO's success is that Screenist executes the issue with a reputable, internationally recognized major partner, so it's almost like buying a token on the London Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq, as it meets all the criteria for stock exchange listing. So the good news is that IEO guarantees extra security for all investors. Also keep in mind that a token at this point has a listed market-making price, but if the IEO is successful - that is, the right amount of tokens are sold - the price of token on the stock exchange is open-ended … so the limit is the starry sky, as it’s practically impossible to tell how much a token would be worth then.

It’s worth taking a step now!

The number of tokens is limited, and Screenist will issue a total of 150 million tokens. Similarly to the operation of the traditional commodity market, the principle of scarcity prevails here, too:,

in times of drought, wheat is expensive, however when it is abundantly grown, you can get it for a really good price.

So, in the beginning of the process when there are only a few dozen of users, you may purchase the tokens of the reward-system for pennies, but the more it expands, the less tokens would be available, and as the demand grows, so will its value. Just think of BitCoin, which was very cheap at first, then multiplied its value as more and more people got hooked on the essence of crypto money, free of bank transaction fees, easy to divide and not needing any external intermediaries.

“When it comes to Screenist, in the initial introductory phase, we're talking about a 33 percent bonus, meaning that it transforms $100 to $133. If you’re a small investor, you may access the capital amount - namely the $100 - after six months, whereas owners of larger sums need to wait to years for that”.

Of course, since you may own a token for any length of time - three months or even three years, - and during that time, it can be listed on one or more stock exchanges (one of Screenist's core members, Jason King has a strong expertise on the IEO in the United Arab Emirates, while another member can say the same thing about the States), the value of the token may increase dynamically in real time. After all, the online advertising market is moving towards product placement, and market research firms are convinced that we are about to face a huge explosion in this area.

Why is Screenist (NIS token) worth your trust?

From the above, it is clear what Screenist-tokens are, how they work and how they can bring in plenty of money for a potential investor, but in the end, the question is: why Screenist, why would we trust the business success of this unique, revolutionary tokenized system?

There is a team of highly-qualified professionals behind Screenist, who have been working on making this IEO successful for six years. They are very well aware of the current consumer behavior trends and the online marketing tendencies through which the project is capable of reaching a wider audience.

The CEO himself, Tibor Jakab, has already run and sold several of his own companies. Few people know, but have succeeded in projects on a highly competitive market, and have sold companies to one of the world's largest professional investors. So it is no question that this project with this background work by the team of Screenist is destined for success.

It’s also worth noting that there are ongoing meetings and consultations with the world's leading filmmakers who are involved in shaping the product. Major IT companies are supporting the project, which have already mobilized their infrastructure and human resources for Screenist. This is an unexpected help that illustrates the potential these companies see in this project.

No wonder why: the technical background of the Screenist-token has been designed to attract and engage a wide audience internationally. You can read our article about the details here, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.