NASA may say yes to product placements

No logo at the moment - photo:

“Candy-coated chocolate” - that's how astronauts have to refer to M&Ms, and hide logos in the pictures. Now that's about to change, as Nasa may make extra money in the 6 and 7 figure range by allowing product placements.

As a government institute, Nasa has always been under strong restriction to accept sponsorship of any kind. If Nasa's new committee accepts the rule allowing advertisements, the next Curiosity may even have a brand name attached to it, and astronauts in the near future may hang around in spacesuits with huge logos on them. It would be easy to catch the products astronauts use with Screenist.

However, this raises a couple of important questions: if a government institute allows sponsorship, what keeps other government institutes from doing the same? And if so, is it a fair game to compete with others on a market without government funds in the background?

These are all questions of the very near future. What do you think? Most experts believe that if capitalism works on the earth, it should just do well in space, too.