Why 97 percent of YouTubers need to have a day job?


Millions of people are dreaming of making a career on YouTube. At the moment, only 3 percent of them are getting a decent amount of money, the rest need to find a living elsewhere. For them, Screenist might just be the right option.

Did you know that roughly 300 hours of videos get uploaded to YouTube every minute? Almost 5 billion videos are viewed every single day, which means that YouTube gets over 30 million daily visitors. Those are seemingly huge numbers, but can YouTubers can make a career out of it?

However, it's not at all easy to turn success into banknotes. According to a survey by Information is Beautiful, content creators only made $1,472 after 2.2 million video views in 2017. It’s not getting much better this year either: the video streaming platform paid a paltry $0.00074 per stream in 2018, Trichnordist noted.

More than 97 percent of content creators need to rely on the small amount of cash from clicks while missing all the revenue opportunities the big ones enjoy. Thanks to Screenist, millions of additional players could appear on the product placement market, generating profit on the widest scale. So, YouTubers get a brand new revenue model, meaning that being self-employed can truly be an option for social media influencers.