Incredibly bold marketing strategy for Avengers 4? We’ll see!

Product placement in Avengers
picture: YouTubes screenshot

Even though the new Avengers movies release date is 6 months away, Disney, Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers do everything to keep all the secrets of the film. Will they really come up with a brand new form of cinematic marketing?

So far, not even the craziest fans have an idea of the title for Avengers 4, there is no trailer, no advertising, no marketing of any kind. This is about to change pretty soon though, as Hashtag Show’s Charles Murphy has sent out a tweet about the bold and unusual marketing strategy the Marvel Cinematic Universe is planning to come up with. He pointed out that it’s going to be “very different”, and will “stir up a LOT of conversation”.

Some say that the new, unique marketing would be about unusual flashmobs and controversial charity acts, while others are in the opinion that no marketing is the boldest kind of marketing. After all, the new Avengers movie definitely does not need much advertising to be a major blockbuster in May 2019, so we wouldn’t be surprised to be left without a title reveal or a trailer at all.

Well, instead of a trailer, let’s just put up with some of the most memorable product placements of the Avengers-world for now. Can you imagine just holding your phone or tablet, binge-watching the movies, and catching even more products with the help of the Screenist application? Well, that’s what future is about.

In memoriam Stan Lee - Great and not so great product placements in Marvel-movies


Stan Lee, the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics and the mastermind behind iconic comic characters like X-Men, Ironman, Spiderman or Hulk passed away on 12th November. He was almost 96.

The movies linked to the characters are exciting examples of perfect… and well, not so great product placements.

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) is the latest X-Men movie, with the following brands in the foreground:

  • Jaguar
  • Coca-Cola
  • Oldsmobile
  • Rush
  • Ray-Ban

The first two Spiderman movies received pretty good reviews from critics, while the third film in 2007 was less of a success. The product placements we're nevertheless memorable:

  • Audi
  • Ford
  • Dell
  • Jansport backpacks
  • Sony

And what about the Incredible Hulk? Well, bad product placement is a thing, and according to critics, Hulk-movies are famous for it. It's not so much the weird appearance of Norton360, but more the mattress business involved… In 2008, Sleepy's Mattress Professionals decided to join forces with Hulk to educate people about the importance of good mattresses, the only problem being that Hulk is a character who does not sleep…