Screenist: 3 New Tech-Solutions to Spice Up your Marketing Communication

Conversion boosting, campaign activating and consumer behavior analyzing solutions from Screenist

Behind the seemingly calm surface, Screenist was more than active in the past couple of months. Now it’s time to discuss the latest news, and there’s plenty to talk about. 


As we  have pointed out many times before, Screenist is a tool to help you buy products on screen immediately, without encountering a number of annoying ads. Basically, it’s the coolest online shopping platform in the world. Product placement is now not only available to fortune 500 companies with huge advertising budgets but also any individuals reacting by making fast bids in their own product-category (and if you want to know why product placement works, check it out here).

Obviously, in order to produce such a precise and complex system, certain developments within the field of media technology had to take place. These solutions are not solely about Screenist, but a wide range of players - advertising- and media agencies in the first place - may utilize them for their businesses. There is a huge demand for media tech solutions as each company is striving to know which part of their marketing budget is money poured down the drain and what brings about real results.

“Yes, developments of the past couple of years led to a number of independent solutions focusing on boosting marketing effectiveness - CEO Tibor Jakab points out - We’re mainly talking about conversion boosting, campaign activating, consumer behavior analyzing solutions, all of them tested in the past couple of months with the help of potential  clients.”

According to the expert, these past few months were about fitting these marketing-effectiveness boosting solutions to the needs of users and setting them up for their platforms of preference. In addition, Screenist began to make arrangements with market-players the keenest on utilizing the aspects  these products may offer. But let’s take a closer look at what we are talking about…

With the help of Screenist Campaign Activator, any message placed on a billboard, print or offline ad, even a linear tv broadcast can be simply turned "on" by using a customizable application implemented by Screenist. The consumer is linked to various activation incentives allowing them to not only be more engaged but also contributing for the advertiser by collecting useful data..

Screenist Conversion Booster is also about making marketing campaigns more efficient by simply adding direct access to the advertised product/service. In addition, Screenist navigates the audience right to the door. ​

Screenist Customer Behavior Analyzer is a tool to store each customers activity. Every click, landing, purchase or even leaving a site or advertisement contains essential data on a customers’ behavior. ​

Currently, we are working on the optimization of the above-mentioned marketing-effectiveness boosting solutions and began to work with advertising and media agencies as well. At the same time, Screenist is also focusing on continuous market research in order to stay up to date with market demands.

Keep up with the latest news as Screenist revolutionary application with these exciting technological developments soon to be released. Potential clients may even incorporate  these tech developments into their own already-existing app. Start planning now to be able to take advantage to obtain currency with a huge discount for this new online platform( (think about bitcoin-made millionaires... stay in touch , you won’t regret it)!

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Targeting female users? Screenist may help you address them

Females are 79% more likely to be reached by in-app marketing

Female audience has always been a top priority for Screenist as they tend to make more purchases online and even spend more than males. According to a new survey by Nielsen, women download 40 percent more mobile applications than men.






It may not come as a surprise that Liftoff, a company specialized in mobile application-based marketing, found that women are 79 percent more likely to make in-app purchases in mobile games, suggesting that it’s definitely worth linking advertisement for women to various mobile games. However, advertisement embedded in apps is catching up fast, even without women in the picture…

As we have previously discussed, impulse buying - which Scrrenist enables by linking a webshop to the product seen on screen - in the case of women does not mean (at least not in the first place) that they just obtain anything and everything they can get their hands on, but it’s more about a long list running on a subconscious level with all the names of their loved ones, which activates when they see certain products: “yeah, this is the scarf my brother needs” or “my son would just adore this console”.

According to Liftoff, we are living in the golden era of gamer-marketing as the interest in the traditional advertisement is decreasing while the performance of in-app ads is improving, and it’s not only in the case of women. The Liftoff Mobile Gaming Apps Report is based on 46.7 billion impressions and other data collected from June 1, 2017, to May 31, 2018, taking a closer look at 15 million app-installs and 350 games.

What is more, the cost to acquire a user who completes an in-app purchase is lower than ever on a global level: it is around $28.05 nowadays, compared to $50.69 in 2017.

“Mobilgames-based advertising is catching up like crazy”,

Liftoff concluded.

This process is even more spectacular now that Android-devices are on the rise. Every day, more than 1.5 million Android devices are activated, and Android users are more likely to register after downloading an app, at a rate of 52 percent, compared to 43.6 percent for Apple users. Well, it sure does take more to reach iOS gamers ( $11.08), but 16.7 percent of them immediately make a purchase after registering.

The report also highlights that Europe, Middle East, and Africa in-app purchase rates are increasing, and even though it takes more to reach a North American user than them, North Americans are less likely to make a purchase on this platform but tend to spend more in the end.

Screenist is currently working on a new application under the working title Campaign Activator. The main purpose of this new development is to “switch on” static offline advertisement - whether we are talking about TV ads, print bulletins or a classic poster in a store - so that the consumer is linked to various activation incentives allowing them to not only be more engaged but also helping the advertiser by collecting useful data. (The application is now available, read more about it here. Edited July 2019).

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Incredibly bold marketing strategy for Avengers 4? We’ll see!

Product placement in Avengers
picture: YouTubes screenshot

Even though the new Avengers movies release date is 6 months away, Disney, Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers do everything to keep all the secrets of the film. Will they really come up with a brand new form of cinematic marketing?

So far, not even the craziest fans have an idea of the title for Avengers 4, there is no trailer, no advertising, no marketing of any kind. This is about to change pretty soon though, as Hashtag Show’s Charles Murphy has sent out a tweet about the bold and unusual marketing strategy the Marvel Cinematic Universe is planning to come up with. He pointed out that it’s going to be “very different”, and will “stir up a LOT of conversation”.

Some say that the new, unique marketing would be about unusual flashmobs and controversial charity acts, while others are in the opinion that no marketing is the boldest kind of marketing. After all, the new Avengers movie definitely does not need much advertising to be a major blockbuster in May 2019, so we wouldn’t be surprised to be left without a title reveal or a trailer at all.

Well, instead of a trailer, let’s just put up with some of the most memorable product placements of the Avengers-world for now. Can you imagine just holding your phone or tablet, binge-watching the movies, and catching even more products with the help of the Screenist application? Well, that’s what future is about.