Valuable feedback and new potential investors right on the first day of BB 2.0

Looking for new solutions

The first day of Central Europe’s greatest blockchain summit Blockchain Budapest 2.0 saw over a thousand attendees and more than 50 exhibitors, among them the team behind Screenist.

“We are pleased to see that Screenist is viewed as one of the most promising Hungarian blockchain projects, and it’s inspiring to see such an enormous interest in everything blockchain-related in Hungary. I guess it means we are not the only ones who think that blockchain is the number one technology shaping our future”, Tibor Jakab, CEO of Screenist explains.

“Actually, there are quite a few people who share this view, as we had some pretty exciting meetings and received plenty of awesome feedback within the blockchain industry, too. It was great to meet new, potential investors right on the first day of the conference”, he concluded.

Feel free to join Screenist on the second day of the conference, too - the team is ready to meet you. The Blockchain technology behind Screenist transforms the way people buy and sell.