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About screeNISt Token…


Screenist is transforming the way people buy and sell. With our innovative, blockchain-enabled algorithm and database, Screenist will change the way of advertising, forever.


Do you want to be part of this revolution?


Well, you can! Operating in a user-friendly environment, you’ll participate in content generation which feels more like playing a game, and yet earn money! To join the Screenist ecosystem requires a minimum personal investment as low as 1,000 NIS (priced at $0.1 per token).


Why now? 


How does it work for Screenist? 

Screenist operates a sustainable ecosystem with Taggers, who identify a product or service, and where it can be found in movies, TV shows and on social media. Advertisers and product owners also populate the ecosystem, allowing viewers on any screen to connect the product they see to a direct purchase opportunity: Check out the brand instantly, see a webshop link where an item can be bought immediately - or through Screenist's own marketplace, coming soon! 

So if someone sees great jeans, or sunglasses worn by their favorite star, they can identify exactly what the item is, and where to get it from. 

The Screenist blockchain-enabled smart contract ecosystem means that money is generated through product sales, and everyone benefits. It's a complex, fast moving system which is made possible by the rock solid guarantees built into the blockchain.


How does it work for you? 

Screenist Taggers identify a product or service, and tag where it can be found - in any screen-based medium. To become a Tagger requires the minimal investment of 1,000 NIS tokens. Once a product is Tagged, the Screenist algorithm takes care of business, but how does anyone know that the tagging is genuine? 

This is where the role of Validator comes in, essential for the platform's successful operation. To become a Validator you must hold and lock-in at least 100,000 Screenist NIS tokens. 

You are then able to begin working the Validator Pool, which operates through a sophisticated but user-friendly system of screenshots and captchas. Validators are responsible for approving transactions, with a process that is simple and direct.


As well as their intrinsic, tradable value, the NIS tokens can also be used within the Screenist ecosystem, so as the organization grows ever larger, with more and more products within the ecosystem, tokens can be exchanged for increasing numbers of goods and services. 


Enter via the IEO 

You can come on board as a Screenist investor through the Initial Exchange Offering, where the strength of a large crypto exchange provides security for investors. Check our website for details of the upcoming IEO. 


Here's what you need to do 

Now is the time to get onboard: Buy your low stake in tokens,through the IEO. 

We know that not everyone will have the skillset to become a Tagger or a Validator, but stay in touch with our revolutionary project, and the opportunities offered to you as an investor in our upcoming IEO, by registering below. 

Screenist - Buy at first sight.

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