Screenist, offering innovative media tech solutions and focusing on VOD (Netflix, HBO Go, etc.) services, has launched its first large-scale collaboration with Tematic Media Group in seven countries, the first step of which is a big data-based QR code campaign. The next step is just around the corner, too 

Screenist is not just an application that allows us to buy the product that appears on the screen immediately, without ads. Screenist is also a powerful tool for increasing the conversions and engagements of marketing campaigns, and giving a deeper analysis of viewer and consumer habits. It actually offers you an accurate picture of which part of your campaign is money spent well, where the blind spots are, and what exactly your target group needs. 

The past few months revolved around development in the first place, but now Screenist has reached a new level: a regional media player, present in seven countries, is launching Screenist’s new service. Tematic Media Group, operating multiple channels in Central Europe, was inspired by media solutions offered by Screenist, choosing its Fishing & Hunting (FH) channel to launch the project. 

A QR code campaign, with big data approach! 

The multi-stage strategic collaboration is about to introduce Screenist’s full tech portfolio, the first step of which is a QR code promotion campaign. FH viewers can win valuable prizes that match the image of the channel by scanning the QR code displayed in the promotional spots placed in the advertising blocks (these are luckily much prettier these days than they used to be). However, this is not all, as Screenis logs the entire process so that anonymous user data (results and conversion numbers) can also be evaluated. 

Certainly a future-proof solution

Tematic Media Group is an independent, international media company thatunlike large, multinational players – is able to respond to market opportunities rather flexibly and quickly.

Screenist came into our sight at the best possible time: both the development of the market and current trends proved that this is a solution clearly pointing to the future,” says Radu Morar, owner and CEO of Tematic Media Group. 

I got into the project with a light heart, guess these technological solutions will soon be hard to avoid. I truly appreciate those who are a few steps ahead of current market trends. ” 

More than 80% of those sitting in front of the TV hold their mobile phone, or second screen, which is the perfect tool to take a step from a passive viewer to become an active participant: all you have to do is press the button of the phone’s camera to scan the QR code that appears on the screen”, Screenist’s CEO Jakab Tibor says 

Pretty much any activities can be launched then: voting, shopping, games, basically anything that the website invited by the QR allows. Screenist’s technology, developed based on the comments of several content providers, allows you to dynamically, even in milliseconds, serve the request sent by a so-called playout or broadcasting system. This way, the code on the screen can be changed any time, even at the same time as the content is streamed. Content providers now get to offer a new, added value to their advertisers, something they have not had the chance to work with so far”.   

Traditional TV can monetize its screen in a new way 

By placing a dynamic QR, a traditional TV channel with multi-million viewers can monetize its screen in a new way. It’s a bit like Google AdWords moving to traditional TV”, Jakab adds. “It’s not about adding more ads, yet it’s a win-win situation for advertisers, content providers and even viewers, as they don’t need to search for the exact product they saw in the ad, they just scan the code, and that’s it, they can purchase what they want”, the expert highlights the new level of customer engagement. 

Tematic Media Group, including Fishing & Hunting, is open to innovative solutions, so Screenist is about to launch a brand new project with them, introducing a technology you’ve never encountered before.