As a dynamically growing startup, Screenist is obviously a part of the first category, implementation, with the major focus on developments, crypto trading, crypto miners, startup and research sites that can lay the foundations for future projects. 

Aswehave pointed out many times before, Screenist is a tool to help you buy any product you see on the screen immediately, without encountering a number of annoying ads or having to open a new app. Basically, it’s the coolest online shopping platform in the world, a sustainable ecosystem betweentaggers, advertisers and product owners.

A system that is maintained just by those who hold a stake at it, without central control, and which, of course, would not operate without the perfectly reliable and transparent system of blockchain.

Obviously, in order to produce such a precise and complex system, we need to talk about the tech-solutions by Screenist that are not solely about Screenist itself, but a wide range of players – advertising- and media agencies in the first place – may utilize them for their businesses. 

With the help of Screenist Campaign Activator, any message placed on a billboard, print or offline ad, even a linear tv broadcast can be simply turned “on” by using a customizable application implemented by Screenist. The consumer is linked to various activation incentives allowing them to not only be more engaged but also contributing for the advertiser by collecting useful data.. 

Screenist Conversion Booster is also about making marketing campaigns more efficient by simply adding direct access to the advertised product/service. In addition, Screenist navigates the audience right to the door. ​ 

Screenist Customer Behavior Analyzer is a tool to store each customers activity. Every click, landing, purchase or even leaving a site or advertisement contains essential data on a customers’ behavior. ​ 

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