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E-commerce breaks loose - 15%+ and counting

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According to the latest Nielsen Connected Commerce Report – looking at the global consumers’ online purchasing habits – published in November 2018, 95% of those who have access to the internet have made a purchase online, up 1% vs 2017 and up 2% from 2016.

Seems like the entry-category for the first time online shoppers is travel, fashion and books, and if their familiarization, comfort and trust levels increase, their category repertoire expands into areas like beauty, personal care, and baby products. However, if they turn into experienced online shoppers, they tend to move on to packaged and fresh grocery categories, which obviously requires a high trust-level.

The report also revealed 26% of digital consumers purchased fresh groceries online, an increase of 15% between 2016 and 2018, which is contributing to overall fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) e-commerce growth, which Nielsen estimates increased by around US$70 billion globally in the past two years.


And what would encourage even more customers to make their purchases online? Almost half (49%) of them said that a money back guarantee for products not matching what was ordered would encourage them to buy online. A further 45% of consumers are enticed by same day product replacement service for products not available, while 44% are looking for free delivery services for purchases above a minimum spend.

Right now fashion, travel and book account for the largest proportion of online transactions (61%, 59% and 49% of consumers, respectively, purchased within the category), but restaurant deliveries (33%), packaged groceries (up 3 points to 30%) and fresh groceries (up 2 points to 26%) are catching up soon.

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