Data Protection Act User Consent Statement

The User provides voluntary consent that by accepting the present User Consent Statement published on the website (hereinafter: “Portal”) of Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., (registered office: Crypto valley labs, Dammstrasse 16., Zug, CH-6300, e-mail contact:, whether appearing as content, event or activity (by marking it as accepted on the Portal), acknowledges the terms and conditions of the Data Managing Information and the User Consent Statement in accordance with Federal Act on Data Protection (hereinafter referred to as the “DPA”), Ordinance on Data Protection Certification (hereinafter referred to as the “DPO”), Ordinance on Data Protection Certification (hereinafter referred to as the “ODPC”), General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as the “GDPR”), providing the User’s personal identification data and the electronic mailing address (hereinafter collectively: “personal data”) during registration on the Portal, for the purpose of delivering electronic advertisements, newsletters, or informative and other addressed content and transmitting data for data processing by third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Subcontractors”) in a business or working relationship with Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH.

2) The stored personal data shall be disclosed by Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., and will neither be transmitted abroad and nor transferred to any third-party subcontractors other than those mentioned above, and such contractors are not entitled to preserve the transferred personal data in any way or to forward it to any third parties.

3) Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., ensures the protection of the data and takes all technical measures and develops all procedural rules necessary for the implementation of data protection provisions in accordance with the abovementioned “DPA”, ”DPO” and “ODPC”.

4) User is responsible for the correctness, completeness and authenticity of the provided data. Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., is not liable for damage resulting from any false data provided, even if the incorrect nature of the data could have been detected. If the User is acting on behalf of another person, the User is responsible for acquiring from the person concerned a certificate or authorisation similar to the User Consent and Information Statement, and the responsibility of providing it is to be borne solely by the User.

5) The processing of personal data, provided the User Consent Statement is marked by the User as accepted on the Portal, begins by clicking on the “Send” button; and the process terminates with the request to delete all the personal data, or until the goal of data management has been concluded, or until User disclaims data processing.

6) In connection with data management, User has the following rights and remedies:

(a) User may request information from Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., via the following contact information (postal address: Crypto valley labs, Dammstrasse 16., Zug, CH-6300, e-mail contact: on the handling of personal data. Upon request, the Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH. shall provide information about the data it handles, its purpose, its legal basis, and its duration, as well as information about any current processing of data, its legal basis and the addressee of any data transfer. (“DPA” Art. 8.) Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., shall send the information in writing within 25 days at the latest, and it may refuse to do so only for reasons determined and certified by law. In the event of any denial of information, User may appeal to the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (hereinafter referred to as “FDPIC”) in order to enforce User’s rights and to conduct an investigation. (“DPA” Art. 9.)

b) The User may request the correction, deletion or blocking of his personal data at any time from Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., via the contact information specified in point (a). The correction, deletion or blocking of any personal data – if the request is not denied by Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH. – will be made within 5 working days of receiving the request. If Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., fails to comply with the request for correction, blocking or deletion, it shall inform the User within 30 days of the factual and legal grounds for such refusal. In order for User to enforce the appropriate rights in the case of a denial of such a request, User may appeal to the “FDPIC” to seek an investigation. (“DPA” Art. 8.)

c) User may object to the processing of personal data by sending a statement to Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., at the address supplied in point (a), should User object to the propriety of the data handling. In this case, Screenist Blockchain Technologies GmbH., will notify User of the decision in writing. Should the User disagree with the decision, User may appeal to a court of law in order to enforce any applicable rights, in which case the court will regard it as a priority case.