Let's meet at Blockchain Budapest 2.0!


We are pleased to announce Screenist’s participation at the upcoming Blockchain Budapest 2.0 conference, held at „The Bálna” (The Whale), Budapest, Hungary, 8th and 9th November. Blockchain Budapest 2.0 is the regional blockchain summit of Central Europe offering a wide range of presentations given by key players in the industry.

Blockchain Budapest 2.0 will cover topics like the business potential of blockchain, the future of money (whether stablecoins or the Bitcoin is the new area of development) or how and where it's worth launching a blockchain startup nowadays. Legendary cryptographer Nick Szabo (the mastermind behind Bitcoin's direct predecessor, Bitgold) is one of the top speakers. Actually, you may even create your first blockchain-app at the event.

Following the conference, CEO of Screenist Tibor Jakab is glad to see all potential investors for a private meet-up to discuss the link between video adwords and Screenist, and will be available for questions, too. See you there.

Jason King Co-Creator of Flashcoin joined Screenist!

The team of Screenist has a new, important member now as Jason King Co-Creator of Flashcoin and managing partner at CGS Group has joined the board in order to help take Screenist to the next level. Blockchain technology-based Screenist is about to present a revolutionary type of advertising, enabling video adWords in a form of product placements.

Jason King is known for creating Flashcoin. Prior to that, he was a Managing Director at Binary Financial and Assistant Fund Manager & Head of Game Assets at Alphabit Digital Currency Fund.

The expert sees himself as a serial cryptocurrency & blockchain technology investor in the first place, believing that this great new technology is beyond the concept of money, and can be used for just about anything, limited only by the imagination.

Jason King is an internet entrepreneur, business executive, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and asset manager who currently works as an advisor for various crypto & blockchain related projects, and helps start-ups and companies leverage this amazing new technology to create innovation and value.

CryptoGuest in our Office

Mr. Andras Sumegi CFO, Mr. Jason King, Mr. Tibor Jakab CEO

It was a great honour to meet Mr Jason King, the Director of Binary Financial and founder of Flashcoin in our Budapest offices. We were inspired by his deep knowledge of blockchain business. The Screenist team is really excited and we are looking forward to the cooperation. (Andras Sumegi CFO, Jason King, Tibor Jakab CEO)#blockchain, #mcommerce # screenist #crypto #monetization #screen

Blockchaineum Budapest

Our CEO Mr. Tibor Jakab and the Strategy Officer Mr. Istvan Fazekas at Blockchaineum, Budapest. ceo screenist mcommerce blockchain monetization

How do you buy from any screen?

Have you ever found yourself on a ridiculous search for that top or accessory you just saw on a tv show or in that movie you just watched, and couldn’t find it? Frustrated you ask yourself “what’s the point of product placement if you can’t easily buy it?”

Screenist gives us all the long awaited answer to this question. Functioning like a virtual “Buy this product now” button on the video you’re watching, it adds a vivid marketplace to any screen.

It is the missing link between media and e-commerce.
How does it work you say?
Easy, with just a tap of a button you can learn more about the product and even order it online, right then and there!

The Screenist application offers you products of interest either within your preferred online video content or even by simply holding your phone in front of an offline screen. YES, ANY SCREEN.

You then see the list of relevant products in real-time. You get product information at the push of a button, while purchasing takes an extra push. Then, you’re redirected to the product’s online store.

It’s so simple. No need to even stop or leave the video.

But Screenist is not simply an application. It is also an algorithm and a related database that can identify and match scenes in media content with products in that exact scene. It is able to recognize media and offer related products anytime, anywhere, on any device, without needing any additional information or any other data.

The Screenist algorithm and database are programmed into the blockchain providing access for virtually anyone on the planet. It uses smart contracts to make sure that any user from the biggest brands to any private person can use, contribute to and benefit from it in a so far unprecedentedly efficient way.

Screenist – made possible by blockchain technology – is a completely new approach of how people can buy and sell using media content.

So for all you impulse shoppers, get your wallets ready because we’ll be up and running soon! Follow and stay with us while we grow!