Ever experienced the problem of geoblocking when ordering from abroad? Those days are over!

From Monday, December 3, geoblocking within the EU is strictly prohibited, so the online shopping experience of European citizens changes substantially.

Geoblocking, the unduly blocking of those not residing in the country of the seller or using a foreign bank card, is now a thing of the past.

Discouraged by the practice to exploit one country’s greater purchasing power over the other, only 19% of European consumers shopped online on the sites of another member country – but this is about to change soon.

No more trying to make your purchase from France on a British website, and being blocked or sent back to a French portal. No more trying to make an order and having to give up because there is no delivery where you live.

According to a survey by the European Commission, 63% of the portals within the EU provided for limitations that in one way or another dissuaded the user from buying in a country other than their own, which is about to change now.

“We want a Europe without barriers, and this also means eliminating obstacles to online purchases”, the press release by EU points out. This step is a fast reaction to the ever-growing e-commerce market.

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