The team of Screenist has a new, important member now as Jason King Co-Creator of Flashcoin and managing partner at CGS Group has joined the board in order to help take Screenist to the next level. Blockchain technology-based Screenist is about to present a revolutionary type of advertising, enabling video adWords in a form of product placements.

Jason King is known for creating Flashcoin. Prior to that, he was a Managing Director at Binary Financial and Assistant Fund Manager & Head of Game Assets at Alphabit Digital Currency Fund.

The expert sees himself as a serial cryptocurrency & blockchain technology investor in the first place, believing that this great new technology is beyond the concept of money, and can be used for just about anything, limited only by the imagination.

Jason King is an internet entrepreneur, business executive, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and asset manager who currently works as an advisor for various crypto & blockchain related projects, and helps start-ups and companies leverage this amazing new technology to create innovation and value.